Happy Thanksgiving! As you enjoy your day with family & friends, take time to give God #Thanks #WOFICC http://t.co/q6tGFr2wtd
4 hours 28 min ago
Missed service? Desire to get the message? Get the MP3, cd or did by logging on to http://t.co/VivDvUiJmG #woficc
17 hours 54 min ago
We are to be just like the leper. Be the one who went back and said thank you and told others! #givethanks #woficc
17 hours 56 min ago
Take the time out to be thankful. Let tomorrow be a day of joy and think of the goodness of God #WOFICC #givethanks
17 hours 58 min ago
We should have a public faith, not a private faith and give him thanks!! #WOFICC #givethanks
18 hours 54 sec ago
We need to thank God that our future is secure! @Andrebutler #WOFICC #givethanks
18 hours 3 min ago
We are to thank God that 2015 will be better than 2014. Thank God for the future that he has planned for you here! @andrebutler #woficc
18 hours 5 min ago
God has plans In His mind to prosper you! He’s got it laid out in front of you and causes you to prosper! #WOFICC #givethanks
18 hours 6 min ago
We should thank God for our future! #woficc #givethanks
18 hours 8 min ago
#JESUS introduced you to the Father God and you ought to thank Him for that @AndreButler #WOFICC
18 hours 12 min ago